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Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Children's Games Riding bikes. Pin the tail. Hop scotch. Hide and seek. Under and over . Hard
Choir The person who accompanies the choir. People who sing in a choir. 6 semiquavers = 1 ___ crochet. Cantabile = in a ___ style. Half a crochet. Teenage
Choir lively. all; whole. (joyful) lively, moderately fast. a work for one or more solo. broad) slow and dignified. Older Children
Circus A grand, over-the-top kind of show. Skill in using the hands or body. To do something very carefully and precisely, with great attention to detail. The art of planning dances or artistic movement.. Able to be bent, without being broken. Hard
Clay Animal Pots A tool to apply paint onto the surface of your pot.. the material to colour your pot.. The correct name for clay that you used to model your animals and to roll out your slab.. The correct name for clay that has dried out a little.. The number of pieces of clay to make a cylinder shape.. Older Children
Climbing Mount Everest thrilling and exciting. reaching of the journey's end. going up. equipment that supplies the gas that all living things need. mountain's peak. Older Children
Clogging Hens get involved in this. this creature likes heights. a cross-over step. Maybe Thanksgiving?. Boy's name. Big
Coney Island a big spinning circle. you can take this F line to Coney Island. this is where Coney Island is located. you can swim there. you can walk on these wooden planks. Big
Conspiracy 365 What coloured hair does Oriana have?. Who is Winters guardian?. What colour is Cal's hair. What is Cal's last name?. Where does Sheldrake Rathbone keep his money?. Older Children
Cruisin' Get into vacay mode as you ponder over the answers to this puzzler. The Phelps pham from Utah stole the show when they made their appearance.... Our Mexico stop.. Our docking partner.. Morgun bought Bailey some earrings from this place.. A popular activity on deck.. Hard
Cruisin' Get into vacay mode as you ponder over the answers to this puzzler. 'The Phelps Pham from Utah' stole the show when they made their appearance _____ _____.. Our Mexico stop.. Our docking partner.. Morgun bought Bailey some earrings from this place.. A popular activity on deck.. Hard
Dance leaning, tillt of the body with arms and legs moving in unison . to melt, both legs bend and straighten at the same time . slow quick quick slow, slinky easy to teach and learn . to rise, lifting the heel . tap came from here to cinema in 1930. Big
Dance Can you fill in the correct answers??? Meaning to disengage, brushing the foot to a 45 degree angle sharply front side or back. Turning the foot inward . Meaning to 'pass' The foot is placed either in front or behind the knee. Slow moment . High Kick either front side or back. Very Difficult
Dance a few dance keywords Use of the face to show mood, feeling or character.. Use of the eyes to improve the performance. Dances that are designed for non-theatre spaces.. The ability to make unique parts of the motif evident in performance.. aware of the surrounding space and use it effectively. Big
Dance Vocabulary A distinctive and recurring gesture used to provide a theme or unifying idea. A strong movement or gesture. Attention and sensitivity to the musical elements of dance while creating or performing.. The eneergy of movement expressed in varying intensity, accent, and quality. To stretch. Hard
Dances polka. tango. mambo. waltz. twist. Older Children
Dangerous Crossing When did Captain Samuel Tucker welcome Johnny and his father aboard? (3 words). The age of Johnny when he was about to set sail to France.. The number of things Johnny's baggage included.. The person Johnny was with when they stood on high grounds and watched the Battle of Bunker Hill three years earlier.. How long did the storm continue when Johnny was on the ship? ( 2 words). Teenage
David Copperfield Who did Peggotty marry?. What was the name of his aunt?. Which animal did Betsy Trotwood not like on her lawn?. Where did Ham and Emily live?. Who owned the school?. Big
Death of a Salesman The town Willy returned from. Surrounds Willy's house. Willy's gift to Biff and Happy. Offered Willy a job. Biff's latest job. Teenage
Diary of a Worm 2 the branch of police that protects the President. to be in danger or have difficulty, due for punishment. to bite and work food in the mouth using teeth. to place or press the foot on something. to stop yourself from doing something. Hard
Disney arrogant suitor to Belle. turtle who can't blow out the candles in the temple. legendary kung fu warrior who slithers. evil animal who makes a weapon that can destroy kung fu. the female Macaw Blu is supposed to mate with to save his species. Big
Disney The princess who live with seven dwarfs . The original voice of Mickey Mouse was from_____. Walt Disney's wife ____. Walt Disney died of ____. The girl who lost her glass shoe in a ball was ____. Older Children
Disney What song is at the end of Splash Mountain?. Whose castle is at Magic Kingdom?. Hans and Anna finish each other's what?. Which word links our hotel and Pirates?. At which park is the Tower of Terror?. Older Children
Disney Figure out these famous Disney things likes warm hugs. Wears blue and blue. Let It Go. lives with 7 little men. Fastest racecar. Moderately Challenging
Disney Lion King. Tiana's other form . Lost her shoe . Flynn Ryder's real name. person who does not love disney . Big
Disney Wendy's dog's name. 'The _________', secret tunnel system located underneath Magic Kingdom. 'If you can _____ it, you can do it!'. Number of Disney World themed parks. Demigod from Moana. Big
Disney Characters fat; purple; many lages; sings beautifully; witch. irratible sailor; squawks. is the hairy creature with the crossbow. he can fly! he can fly! he can fly!. rosy cheeks; pale skin; midnight black hair. Very Difficult
Disney Characters Solve. a fish in Little mermaid who is Ariel's best friend. he just couldn't wait to be king. his nose grows longer every time he lies. has an accent you can never understand. a princess who has ice powers. Big
Disney Friends Who was the Snow Queen?. She had seven dwarfs to help her.. Who saved her sister and her kingdom?. She had a mean stepmother.. Who fell in love with the Beast?. Young Kids
Disney Song Read the clue and figure out the Disney song. With tuppence for paper and string, you can have your own set of wings! - Mr. Banks (Mary Poppins). Tale as old as time.True as it can be, barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly.- Mrs. Potts. The rainstorm and the river are my brothers. The heron and the otter are my friends; And we are all connected to each other In a circle, in a hoop, that never ends!-Pocahontas. It's glory they'll gimme! My dear friend, King 'Jimmy' will probably build me a shrine... When all of the gold is MINE!- Governor Radcliffe (Pocahontas). So prepare for a chance of a lifetime. Be prepared for sensational news! A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer, and where do we feature? Just listen to teacher- Scar & the Hyenas (The Lion King). Hard
Disney Trivia 1991 Disney film has a female lead called Belle. What are Scully and Mike collecting to power Monstropolis in Monsters, Inc.. the name of the Reggae singing Caribbean crab in the Little Mermaid. Disney film will you hear the song 'Everybody Wants To Be A Cat'. In which Disney film will you find the villain, Cruella De Vil. Older Children
Dizzy Gillespie ___________ Monk, a phenomenal piano player, would join Parker and Gillespie on jam sessions.. While touring in 1940, Dizzy met our bebop saxophonist. (Last name only). His big band, one of the highest-paid black bands in New York, was where Dizzy started fusing jazz and Afro-Cuban.. Real name was John _________ Gillespie. These were how many bebop artists developed the style. They weren't organized rehearsals.. Hard
Dragon Ball Who am I? Member of the Ginyu Force, Blue, Tallest member and says he's the fastest in the universe next to Frieza. Older brother of Frieza, ruler of the Cooler Armored Squadron. Lord Slug. One of Frieza's henchmen, overweight, pink, round with spikes on arms and head. Father of Goku and Raditz, died along with Planet Vegeta. Very Difficult
Drama a ludicrous exaggeration of comic actions and highly improbable situations . the process of arranging the moves of actors during the play. a performance as it will be “on the night”. spoken text of a play – conversations between characters. a play characterized by an excess of pathetic situations and thinness of characterization. Very Difficult
Drama The characters in a play. (4) . What characters say to each other. (8). Key moment in the action. (6). Plays take place on a ...? (5). A key idea examined in a play. (5) . Older Children
Drama match the term with the correct definition sides of the stage not seen by the audience . a funny or amusing play. a scene within a story that interrupts the sequence of events to relate events that occured in the past . tell how the actors should look, move and speak. Often they are in italics. They may also include descriptions . clues to hint what might happen later in the story . Big
drama the large act. an intory section of a play often contains a narrator or chorus . side of the stage not seen by audiece. humorous action or words put in a serious play to break tension. a funny or amusing play. Big
Drama Terms Lines spoken by just one person. Deciding how the line should be delivered. The pattern of movements actors follow while on stage. A part/character/person written by a playwright. Information about what happened before the action of the play begins; the set up. Older Children
Drama Terms what a play is divided into. a speech given by one person on stage-with or without an audience. what Romeo feels for Juliet. play with a happy ending. dividing up an act. Big
Element Of Dance Refers to the flow of energy in movement. Tempo in music and refers to the rate at which movements occur. . Refers to the design of the path made by body parts or the whole body while travelling through space.. The underlying pattern that gives order to music and dance.. Refer to both the directions of the body and the directions in the space.The front, back, and sides of the body lead us in motion.. Big
Elements of Drama Read each of the hints to determine the element of drama being described. problem that moves the characters to react. series fo actions that build to a climax. fictional people. describes the characters and setting. the ending. Big
Elements of Drama Read each of the hints to determine the element of drama being described. problem that moves the characters to react. series of actions that build to a climax. fictional people. describes the characters and setting. the ending. Big
Elvis Presley Second record company he signed a contract with . Began to style his hair with this in high school. The small town where Elvis was born. Name of his home. First number one record. Adult
Esperanza Rising an object filled with caramels given to poor children. one of Esperanza's birthday foods. filled with mountains and valleys. a gift from Mama to Carmen. people who come to live in a foreign country. Older Children
Ethnic Dance Danced to percussion instruments, related to the Samba.. An African highlife ballroom dance.. Dance with 5 steps, three for men and two for women, that includes a turn.. Parade dance of royalty.. From Trinidad, the land of the hummingbird. An African highlife dance.. Hard
Fairy Tale what the prince is supposed to be.... lost a shoe. brought a basket to an old lady. often made in wood and magical. a famous wizard helping a future king. Older Children
Fairytales All about fairy tales/characters People who help clean and tidy the gardens. Helps serve food in the castle kitchen. A servant who cleans the castle. A daughter of a King. A royal lady. Big
Fantasy Object. magic. Lord of the rings. magic. mission. Older Children
Fashion Somethng that is in at the time, a ............... is in.. This is somethng that most clothing items have. a way of doing, being done, or happening; mode of action, occurrence. If someone designs clothes they are a ....................... how something is done or how it happens. Older Children
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