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Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Rockschool Game Which type of drums must you use from grade 6 onward?. The 4th instrument in band exam (if any).. One of the official resources which helps better equipping yourself. (a book). Our chief examiner who came to conduct a seminar earlier.. What else could you achieve after obtaining a grade 8 qualification?. Older Children
Hornady used for hunting. the reuseable part of a bullet. a small rifle round. done after bullets have been shot. propellent for bullets. Hard
Sea Faring right side of ship. ropes supporting mast. lowest point inside the ship. device used to keep a ship in place. front of ship. Older Children
Assassin's Creed Main character whoses ancestors memories you relive.. Main character in Assassin's Creed(frist game).. One of the cities where AC3 takes place.. Main character in Asassins Creed 2 Brotherhood and Revelations.. Machine used by the assassins(modern day) to relive memories of ancestors.. Hard
The Beatles The Beatles debuting song. Who played bass. Song in tribute for John Lennon's death. Term coined during the British Invasion. Wants to make an album just as good or better than 'Rubber Soul'. Hard
Sew Fun! holds thread. used for storing pins. lever or button that makes it sew backwards. removes stitches. button that controls how fast you sew. Hard
A Christmas Carol Ghost 1. Ghost 3. Greedy. Scrooges Nephew. Ghost 2. Older Children
Macbeth Macduff's birth. Escaped Macbeth's assassins. Younger brother of 3 down. The main villian of the play. Lady Macbeth's death. Hard
Macbeth Macduff's birth. Escaped Macbeth's assassins. Younger brother of _________________. The main villian of the play. Lady Macbeth's death. Hard
Behind Enemy Lines unreasonable. A historical region of france. American poet. A row or line of grass. Italian financier and statesman. Hard
Titles from Shakespeare The clues lead to titles or partial titles of Shakespeare's plays Anthony and ..9. The taming of the ..5. They came from Verona ..3,9. The three witches are in .. 7. Julius ..6. Hard
Dangerous Crossing When did Captain Samuel Tucker welcome Johnny and his father aboard? (3 words). The age of Johnny when he was about to set sail to France.. The number of things Johnny's baggage included.. The person Johnny was with when they stood on high grounds and watched the Battle of Bunker Hill three years earlier.. How long did the storm continue when Johnny was on the ship? ( 2 words). Teenage
BRS Characters BGS's human form is?. What is Yomi Takanashi's 'Other Self' called?. BRS basicaly means?. Yuu Koutari's 'Other Self' is called?. Chariot's human form is called?. Hard
The Bee Detectives what a butterfly lives in before they become a butter fly. a part on the bee's body. small plant sucking insect. to plan or invent. the male of the honeybee or any other bee. Hard
THEATRE the written dialogue between the actors / the story of the play. one person talking. two or more people talking. speaking directly to the audience as a character on stage (when you 'break the fourth wall'). the frame around the stage through which the audience watches all the action (on a stage where the audience sits on one side). Older Children
Rock School Game Which type of drums must you use from grade 6 onward?. The 4th instrument in band exam (if any). . One of the official resources which helps better equipping yourself. (a book). Our chief examiner who came to conduct a seminar earlier.. What else could you achieve after obtaining a grade 8 qualification?. Older Children
Trash to Treasure _______ up the coast. ______ in a new way. ______from the sea. focusing on________outreach. turning trash into ______. Teenage
Fashion Somethng that is in at the time, a ............... is in.. This is somethng that most clothing items have. a way of doing, being done, or happening; mode of action, occurrence. If someone designs clothes they are a ....................... how something is done or how it happens. Older Children
Romeo & Juliet cross word Who killed Mercutio?. Who did Juliet's parents want her to marry?. The lady that took care of Juliet since birth. What is Romeo's last name?. Who did Romeo marry?. Older Children
Touhou The 'zombie's' Master, and is a hermit.. 'The Umbrella Left There Forever'.. The youkai who could change people's destiny and is a vampire.. Goddess of misfortune.. Half alive, and half dead. The girl who works for Yuyuko.. Hard
At the Airport Here are some words you want to learn before you fly in an airplane! The space in an airplane where the pilot sits.. A seat next to the passage between the rows of seats in an airplane is an _____ seat. . If you are travelling within a country, you take a _____ flight.. A printed piece of paper which allows you to travel on an airplane. . The first thing you do at the airport to register yourself as a passenger. (2 words). Older Children
The Crucible Dealings with the devil. an introduction; prelude. Witchcraft. a single or repeated design or color. Name of he play. Hard
Dances polka. tango. mambo. waltz. twist. Older Children
Robots The golden skittish robot. Robotic law enforcement unit. 'You're not that pretty.' 'Are two!!'. The best kinds of movies. Apple's future in robotic world domination. Hard
PIANO a composer. the title. quater whole and half . can have treble or bass befor it . black and white. Older Children
Newspaper Vocabulary To fix or bring back to original state. The __________ flowed through his body and made him run faster.. Money that is fake. To play a joke. To help one become better. Hard
Pop Mythology Fern Gully in CG. A cowboy's Astronaut best friend (To the Rescue). 'Are you not entertained?'. Obama's spirit animal. Black Narrator. Very Difficult
The Crucible Act 1 what John Proctor is guilty of. Comes to Salem to cure Betty. Where does Parris discover the girls dancing?. This person was acting bewitched. Reverend Hale urges her to open to God’s glory. Hard
History of Fireworks Country that created the first firework.. People who put color into fireworks.. Hired by Queen Elizabeth I to light fireworks.. Most popular type of modern firework.. Queen that loved fireworks.. Older Children
Irish Television Programmes Stories from around the country. Irish television station. Original host of the Late Late Show. Irish soap set in Dublin city. Lottery show. Hard
Game When Baldwin played Brayant the second time, Baldwin _________ by one point.. What position does Tomas Dvorski play?. What kind of plays did House like to play?. What is the assistant coaches name?. What did coach like to be called?. Very Difficult
seashore crabs live under me. i stick to rocks. im a very noisy bird. hides in rock pools. you can build castles from me. Simple
Esperanza Rising an object filled with caramels given to poor children. one of Esperanza's birthday foods. filled with mountains and valleys. a gift from Mama to Carmen. people who come to live in a foreign country. Older Children
Marvel Characters evil natured person or being. often found in a corn field. It means no worries!!. a place where the dead arise. name of supernatural creature. Hard
Baroque Period Word that describes the music and art of the Baroque Period. Work for Orchestra and Solo instrument. Composer of the Four Seasons. Oratorio by Handel. Composer employed by King George I. Teenage
Animal Farm The enormous beast who was almost eighteen hands high. The owner of Pinchfield. One of the dogs that Napoleon transformed into an elitist guard dog. Mr. Jones' special pet. The pig who acted as Napoleon's taster in case someone tried to poison him. Teenage
Popular TV Shows of 2012 The series shows the progress of individual sales associates, managers, and fitters at the store, along with profiling brides as they search for the perfect wedding dress.. the show mainly follows Buddy Valastro and his family as they operate their business. show was originally about a hedonistic jingle writer. The series stars Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy as the title characters.. the show stars Theresa Caputo, who claims she is a spiritual medium who can communicate with the deceased. Hard
Music Terms very; much; used with other terms. sung or played without accompaniment. all; whole. playfully. in the same way. Older Children
Choir lively. all; whole. (joyful) lively, moderately fast. a work for one or more solo. broad) slow and dignified. Older Children
Drama a ludicrous exaggeration of comic actions and highly improbable situations . the process of arranging the moves of actors during the play. a performance as it will be “on the night”. spoken text of a play – conversations between characters. a play characterized by an excess of pathetic situations and thinness of characterization. Very Difficult
Bridge To Terabithia What did leslie give Jess for Christmas.. Jess asked who for permission to go to the art gallery.. What did Jess give leslie for christmas.. leslie father. Which month did it rain.. Teenage
human rights and songs reasons for doing things. being able to move. inflict (give) nadily pain. actual or threatened use or violence to achieve political goals. maroon 5 sings this song. Teenage
Big Time Rush songs what song are these lyrics in? Oh, when the lights go down in the city You'll be right there shining bright. you get more beatiful every day. whoo hoo. lets throw a party in the sky. tuck you every night on the phone. Teenage
Big Time Rush songs what song are these lyrics in? you get more beatiful every day. whoo hoo. lets throw a party in the sky. tuck you every night on the phone. we're gonna party all night. Teenage
PUZZLE TIME! (Word Ladders1 p. 50-60) Opposite of wild.. You find this on your bathroom walls.. When food spoils it will do this.. Use this to clean the floor.. You hang your coat on this.. Teenage
Knit In Crossword Puzzle 2012 Complete the puzzle and give your entry to staff to be in the draw to win a prize Yarn from a merino (4). The stitch you learn first (4). Stitches on one needle (3). Use one hooked needle to? (7). A pair of knitting ___________ (7). Hard
Big Time Rush The adventurous one?. ______, likes wearing helmets.. Number of members. What do they hate?. What is Logan's full name?. Teenage
Peter and the Starcatchers Becomes friends with Peter and his friends and . The ship that Peter, molly and his friends took with the starstuff on it. . What the 'Mollusks' call the island.. When the Never Land crashed onto a rock during a bad storm.. The man with the whip who makes sure no passengers get off the ship and stays by Slank's side when they crash. . Very Difficult
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