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Entertainment Crossword Subjects


Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Types of Dance fast paced dance that is also a form of music. street dance with loads of attitude and colorful dancewear. circular movements of the hips and shimmys of the shoulders. It takes two to do this dance. sizzling male and female dance. graceful dance that is done to slow melodic music. Hard
Types of Media type of media that include Facebook & Twitter. societal use media that is used to keep an audience engaged or captivated. Public Service Announcement. Software company that supplies Photoshop and Illustrator. societal use of media which includes persuading the audience to . Big
Uncle Tom's Cabin Characters The Shelby's good-hearted son.. A good and pious man, the main character. A wild and uncivilized slave girl whom Miss Ophelia tries to reform.. St. Clare and Marie’s angelic daughter.. Uncle Tom's Wife . Teenage
Universal Who was your favourite Harry Potter character?. What film character has a rock & roll show at Universal?. What do you plan to buy at Harry Potter that is interactive?. Harry _____?. Islands of _________?. Older Children
Volcanoes Complete the puzzle Lava with smooth, ropelike surfaces. A plateau formed from basaltic lava pouring from a crack or fissure in Earth's surface. Magma that reaches Earth's surface. Resistance to flow. Areas of volcanic activity taht result from plumes of hot solid material that have risen from deep within Earth's mantls. Hard
Walk Two Moons challenge, dare. like a devil. elegant, proud. the whole number of quantity of people/things in question. material for wiping ones nose. Older Children
Walk Two Moons lacking in opportunity or experience. extremely large. jumped or pranced around. bad-tempered, argumentative. strange or odd. Teenage
Walt Disney The Little Mermaid. Foolish teenage boy who takes children to Never Land. One of the bloodhounds sent to look for Mickey after his escape from prision in The Chain Gang. First character made by Walt Disney. Pixie Dust. Older Children
Walt Disney The duck alongside Mickey Mouse who was rude, obnoxious, and funny.. Walt Disney's most popular and successful creation.. A period of time when the U.S. was lacking money and families were poor.. Age Walt Disney died.. Place in Los Angeles; center of the media.. Older Children
Wolverine An agreement to stop fighting and live in peace. What was Smitty's job?. What came out of James's hands when he was scared?. ____________X is the leader of the X-Men. A Super Hero's set of clothes. Older Children
Woodworking hardwood used commonly for baseball bats. used to make bowls and spindles. hand tool that preceded the jointer. machine used to straighten faces and edges of stock. machine used to make stock a uniform thickness. Hard
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