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Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Where's Waldo #10 Waldo at the Zoo Four little lions are wearing scarves and _________ .. Two zoo keepers are giving a lion a __________ .. Six men are standing in line waiting to go to the __________ .. Two zebras are going across the __________ .. Animals are watching three people standing in a __________ ;. Hard
Who Is Walt Disney? He ___ Lillian Bounds.. He liked to ___ people.. He played as Steamboat ___ himself.. He took an ___ class at night.. He had ___ daughters.. Big
Who's the Actor He's not a doctor but he offers a choice between a blue & red pill. Porsha, get my damn shoe. Say hello to my stinky little friend. I will do what queens do; I will rule. He wore a toupee in every James Bond movie. Big
Wizarding World Spell used to disarm an opponent. Rich drink found at the Three Broomsticks. Item used to detect an unworthy individual. A non-magic person. Spell used to move bodies that can't walk. Big
Wolverine An agreement to stop fighting and live in peace. What was Smitty's job?. What came out of James's hands when he was scared?. ____________X is the leader of the X-Men. A Super Hero's set of clothes. Older Children
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