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Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Italian terms in music All answers in Italian! gradually getting softer. required, indispensable. gradually getting faster. sustained. with some freedom of time. Big
Forever The Wolves of Mercy Falls symbol for love. the sound a wolf gives when in pain. the season that is hot and wont allow people to change into wolves. when you want to marry someone you feel in what with them. when youe house is not clean its called. Hard
Conspiracy 365 What coloured hair does Oriana have?. Who is Winters guardian?. What colour is Cal's hair. What is Cal's last name?. Where does Sheldrake Rathbone keep his money?. Older Children
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Whale With A Large Tusk/Horn. Underwater Animal. Large Sea Mammal. 'The Nautilus Is ______'. What The Crewmembers Of The Nautilus Eat. Older Children
Blood Red Ochre Fill in the blanks using words from the chapters of the novel. 19. In what other country do we find aboriginal peoples?. 8. David learned that a skeleton had been uncovered where?. 3. The pendant was what to the Beothuk.. 14. A steamy bathroom can be compared to what in the novel?. 2. Who gave David the pendant?. Teenage
Choir The person who accompanies the choir. People who sing in a choir. 6 semiquavers = 1 ___ crochet. Cantabile = in a ___ style. Half a crochet. Teenage
Animal farm The pig who challenges Napoleon for control of Animal Farm after the Rebellion.. The often drunk farmer who runs the Manor Farm before the animals revolution.. The cart-horse who's strength, dedication, etc., helps keep prosperity on the farm.. The other twin dog Napoleon takes to 'train'. The poet pig who writes verse about Napoleon.. Teenage
Theater Terms Setting.. Ending credits to sum up the play or piece of literature. Long, spoken word of a character. A characters action that provides foresight into their future.. A group that supports a character.. Older Children
Catching Fire The name of the nation that includes a capitol and 13 districts.. The 75th hunger games.. The narrator and main character of the book.. Escort of district 12 tributes.. Katniss's best friend from district 12.. Older Children
Bridge To Terabithia What company published bridge to terabithia?. What show did jess watchthat changed the way he started before running?. What company moved the burkes?. What public holiday did school start the day after?. What is the name of jess' school?. Teenage
Speak A holiday gone wrong.. The art teacher.. Title of the book.. This girl went to prom with Andy.. Who is in detention when Mel attends? . Hard
Outside Animals they can be deadly . they start as an animal that doesn't have wings. people aren't scared of them even though they are deadly to animals. they stink but you love to eat it. people say they have 9 lives. Older Children
Of Mice and Men Lennie always talks about tending the ______. George has to _____ Lennie at the end because of what he did. Lennie loves this on his beans. Curley's glove is full of this. The men had a _________ tournament . Big
Harry Houdini tied around Houdini. magic word. worn on crazy people. greatest magician of all time. name of theatre Houdini maed Jenny disappear . Older Children
Elvis Presley Second record company he signed a contract with . Began to style his hair with this in high school. The small town where Elvis was born. Name of his home. First number one record. Adult
Of Mice and Men Always complains about Candy's dog, convinces candy to kill his own dog. The Boss's son, a championship fighter.. Old Man, He lost his hand in an accident.. Lennies partner, quick witted man. Hightly skilled mule driver, believes in peace.. Teenage
Misha Collins Crossword puzzle about the actor Misha Collins. He won a Guinness World Record because of this. Real last name. Baby in a trench coat. Son's name. Movie in which both he and Mark Pellegrino starred. Adult
Walt Disney The Little Mermaid. Foolish teenage boy who takes children to Never Land. One of the bloodhounds sent to look for Mickey after his escape from prision in The Chain Gang. First character made by Walt Disney. Pixie Dust. Older Children
Walk Two Moons lacking in opportunity or experience. extremely large. jumped or pranced around. bad-tempered, argumentative. strange or odd. Teenage
Antigone Those who have boastful tongues anger him. Considered a traitor to Thebes. Blind prophet. Seven captains at seven gates. Place where souls are meant to go. Hard
Because of Winn Dixie Chapters 1-10 What’s the town Opal just moved to? . Opals daddy is a __. What was squawking in Gertrude’s Pet Store? . What did Winn Dixie chase in the church? . Miss Franny thought Winn Dixie was a ___. Older Children
Uncle Tom's Cabin Characters The Shelby's good-hearted son.. A good and pious man, the main character. A wild and uncivilized slave girl whom Miss Ophelia tries to reform.. St. Clare and Marie’s angelic daughter.. Uncle Tom's Wife . Teenage
Music Instrument family with the most instruments in it. Brass instrument with no keys or buttons. smallest instrument in the string family. String instrument with 47 strings. Composer who was born in the United States. Older Children
Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Kelley future generations. to express deep sorrow. know. right away. deliberately unreasonable, stubborn. Hard
Ralph Waldo Emerson in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world?. what it dos when its thunders?. i am a critical?. a country has its?. it is white?. Teenage
Music Terms gradually getting softer. gradually getting softer. graceful. at a moderate tempo. a slow tempo. Hard
Walk Two Moons challenge, dare. like a devil. elegant, proud. the whole number of quantity of people/things in question. material for wiping ones nose. Older Children
20th Century Theatre _______ coined the term absurdism. In Commedia del Arte he was the fool or jester. Artaud believed that theatre should force people to confront and heal their ____ ____or they would become negative and destructive. Artaud preferred large spaces such as _____ to traditional theaters. This type of drama had mustache-twirling villains and heroines tied to railroad tracks. Hard
Opera Crossword lowest female voice part, usually old, bad or mysterious characters. Italian word for 'song'. smaller chapters within an act. dialogue that is sung rather than spoken. lowest male voice part, usually a wise man, or bad character. Adult
Music Match the hints related to music and instruments i sing threw this. i add intense bass. i have wee bells and tap on the knee. when on stage in front of a crowd i like to. a hillbilly guitar. Teenage
Holes Use the hints to determine which item from the story Holes is being described Rex's nickname. Couldn't read or write, but good at math. . Earned his nickname because his feel smelled like fish. . Stanley is a part of this group. . Jose's nickname. Very Difficult
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