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Entertainment Crossword Subjects


Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Robots The golden skittish robot. Robotic law enforcement unit. 'You're not that pretty.' 'Are two!!'. The best kinds of movies. Apple's future in robotic world domination. Hard
Rock School Game Which type of drums must you use from grade 6 onward?. The 4th instrument in band exam (if any). . One of the official resources which helps better equipping yourself. (a book). Our chief examiner who came to conduct a seminar earlier.. What else could you achieve after obtaining a grade 8 qualification?. Older Children
Rockschool Game Which type of drums must you use from grade 6 onward?. The 4th instrument in band exam (if any).. One of the official resources which helps better equipping yourself. (a book). Our chief examiner who came to conduct a seminar earlier.. What else could you achieve after obtaining a grade 8 qualification?. Older Children
Roger Sinha classical Indian dance form originating in the South Indian state. in music is the term originally applied to the instrumental introduction to an opera. act of assisting the creation of a choreography, verb, past tense . A group of six singers or six instrumentalists. To set off; initiate. Hard
Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Kelley future generations. to express deep sorrow. know. right away. deliberately unreasonable, stubborn. Hard
Romeo & Juliet cross word Who killed Mercutio?. Who did Juliet's parents want her to marry?. The lady that took care of Juliet since birth. What is Romeo's last name?. Who did Romeo marry?. Older Children
Scooby Doo what written the the side of the car fred drives . what does scrappy do always say puppy.... shaggys best friend is called..... what does shaggy say when he seen a ghost . what colour is scooby doo's collar. Older Children
Sea Faring right side of ship. ropes supporting mast. lowest point inside the ship. device used to keep a ship in place. front of ship. Older Children
seashore crabs live under me. i stick to rocks. im a very noisy bird. hides in rock pools. you can build castles from me. Simple
Seashores and Estuaries Seashore biomes do not have a specific ________. . _____ are a characteristic of a seashore with harder grounds. . An Estuary is a highly productive ________, just as a seashore. . A seashore with temperate waters and hard rock grounds are highly ___________.. Estuaries can have the characteristics of marine and ___________ biomes. . Big
Sergio Leone Soundtrack composer. Stand-off. Born here. You Sucker. close up. Adult
Sew Fun! holds thread. used for storing pins. lever or button that makes it sew backwards. removes stitches. button that controls how fast you sew. Hard
Sewing used for storing pins. long, thin strand of fibers. controls how fast or slow the machine sews. for removing stitches. holds the spool of thread. Hard
Shopping 'I don't like this item, I am going to take it back to the store and get a ......'. 'I need to go to the ........ so I can pay for my items.'. 'I found all different types of products in the .......... ..... for example, lipstick, perfume and clothes.'. 'I need to go to the ........... so I have everything I need to make dinner tonight.'. 'Because I am a student I get 10% ........'. Older Children
Smoky Mountain Train Excursion Highest point along Appalachian Trail. Location of Bombing by Eric Rudolph. Hazard of Hiking. Mode of transportation. Lunch Stop. Big
Speak A holiday gone wrong.. The art teacher.. Title of the book.. This girl went to prom with Andy.. Who is in detention when Mel attends? . Hard
Sugar Sammy Enormous, huge. a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance. To sound or proclaim loudly. To be the chosen one to a certain situation. to refer indirectly. Hard
Superhero This puzzle contains definitions of Superhero words. to empty out or leave. a break or being broken. to eat. a promise or pledge. a pleasant smell. Older Children
The Academy Awards Most known for his role as a mutant, but also a singer and previous winner of 'Sexiest Man Alive'. Oldest ever nominee for 'Best Actress'. A notoriously intense method actor. Number of Golden Globe nominations for 'Zero Dark Thirty'. The first person of Asian descent to win 'Best Director'. Hard
The Beatles The Beatles debuting song. Who played bass. Song in tribute for John Lennon's death. Term coined during the British Invasion. Wants to make an album just as good or better than 'Rubber Soul'. Hard
The Bee Detectives what a butterfly lives in before they become a butter fly. a part on the bee's body. small plant sucking insect. to plan or invent. the male of the honeybee or any other bee. Hard
The Crucible Dealings with the devil. an introduction; prelude. Witchcraft. a single or repeated design or color. Name of he play. Hard
The Crucible being in a state of wonder. a withered old woman. socially acceptable behavior. evil conduct. great space. Big
The Crucible Act 1 what John Proctor is guilty of. Comes to Salem to cure Betty. Where does Parris discover the girls dancing?. This person was acting bewitched. Reverend Hale urges her to open to God’s glory. Hard
The Dynamic Earth Match the definitions with the correct vocabulary word. The solid part of the Earth that consists of all rock, as well as the soils and loose rocks on Earth's surface.. The process where larger droplets fall from clouds as rain, snow, sleet, or hail.. Earth's innermost layer.. Earth is surrounded by a mixture of gases known as the __________.. The removal and transport of surface material.. Hard
The History of Dance shoes you use to dance on pointe. a type of movement with different forms and names. a type of dance with loose form. a type of dance with strict form. dance began with the. Older Children
The Iron Man Code Breaker The extreme edge of land before a steep slope or a body or water. . Big, Huge. To light-up fiercely or brightly. Scary . The human body excluding the head and limbs. Older Children
The Making of Tornado Chasers Town where the tornado on May 31st, 2013 took place. Month that the first episode aired. . What does Reed and the team chase?. What state does the team live in?. Meteorologist from the Weather Channel . Hard
The Phantom of the Opera showing no fear of dangerous or difficult things . the spirit of a dead person land. to act in a particular way. to want something to happen or to be true. not the same. Big
The Zombie Survival Guide Having the power to preserve . An extensive geographical region, consisting of almost all of north Asia. Another name for a bullet. A heavily built up urban area that stretches along the coast from Ventura, through the greater Los Angeles area. A palace filled with medieval cities. Older Children
Theater The complement of actors in a play. Apart from being what actors do on stage. These are the stage movements and positions that the director works out with the actors in rehearsal for dramatic effect—and so they won’t bump into each. The stage manager makes a  careful note of blocking directions for later reference.. Conversation in a play. A flat piece of painted scenery often consisting of a wooden frame covered with stretched fabric, usually canvas.. Big
Theater Terms Setting.. Ending credits to sum up the play or piece of literature. Long, spoken word of a character. A characters action that provides foresight into their future.. A group that supports a character.. Older Children
THEATRE the written dialogue between the actors / the story of the play. one person talking. two or more people talking. speaking directly to the audience as a character on stage (when you 'break the fourth wall'). the frame around the stage through which the audience watches all the action (on a stage where the audience sits on one side). Older Children
Theatre Arts Writen material to be performed(contains monologues,dialogues,and etc.). Lines of text for one character.. Actor's part in a play,movie,etc.. Lines of text written for two or more actors to say to each other.. The purpose of story,novel,or almost any type of performance.. Hard
Theatre Key Terms Most likely in the middle of the audience. Most always up high . Most used as a projector screen . The most common stage . This stage doesn’t allow big sets. Teenage
Theatre Productions Tech Theatre Producers guide every aspect of the production; they are involved in both business decisions and creative decisions.. Person that plans the dances.. Decides how the stage should look and communicates this to the rest of the crew. Deal with scenery that is suspended from the grid and batens overhead in the theater.. Runs the computerized board that controls the lights. Big
Theatre Terminology Making sure you put the right emphasis on each syllable of a website word. The way in which an actor plans their movement on stage so as to always be seen.. The sound that is produced when air escapes through the nose rather than the throat. The swivel of any body part . The outer edge of the stage. Hard
Theatre Terms a position on the stage floor out of sight. a working prop (ex. real light). movement and business performed by an actor on stage. a run through of the plays technical components, lighting, sound. a section of ____ scenery, made of wood or muslin on a wooden frame. Very Difficult
Theatre Terms Sounds and backround noises to tell whats going on . Backround. Person who researches the play. Where actors perform . Person who designs the sets . Big
Theatre Terms-People in Theatre A person who finances a theatrical production.. Person responsible for the house or area of a theatre where the audience sits.. The author of a play.. A female who acts.. The role an actor plays and how he/she portrays it.. Hard
Theme Parks and Water Parks A water park hover a theme park with DC superheroes and Looney Tunes. A theme park in Mason, Ohio. A theme park in Pennsylvania: with a park of a famous chocolate bar . Water park in Fresno and San Dimas, California . Water park in Bristol, Connecticut . Big
Titles from Shakespeare The clues lead to titles or partial titles of Shakespeare's plays Anthony and ..9. The taming of the ..5. They came from Verona ..3,9. The three witches are in .. 7. Julius ..6. Hard
Touhou The 'zombie's' Master, and is a hermit.. 'The Umbrella Left There Forever'.. The youkai who could change people's destiny and is a vampire.. Goddess of misfortune.. Half alive, and half dead. The girl who works for Yuyuko.. Hard
Tourism covered in a particular thing. the inside surface of your hand. willing to allow somebody to do or have. to eat something eagerly. a short stop . Big
Trash to Treasure _______ up the coast. ______ in a new way. ______from the sea. focusing on________outreach. turning trash into ______. Teenage
Travel Other people's way of life.. We might ask for a room with a nice one of these.. If we go by rail we are travelling in one of these.. A break from work or study.. You can only do this in a snowy country.. Older Children
Travel someone who travels in a car ,on a bus.. an instance when someone attack you in a public place in order to steal your money.. the work being done to repair or build a road.. the place where officials check your luggage and vehicle for illegal goods when you enter a country.. a piece of paper that shows you have you paid to do something.. Older Children
Travel Money in USA. City for picture 6. Rich area in Tokyo. Country for picture 7. Beautiful old city in Japan. Big
Travelling Travel, transport, vacation A ​person whose ​job is to ​carry things, ​especially ​travellers' ​bags at ​railway ​stations, ​airports, ​hotels. Way of travelling connected with sacred spots. Where the pilots sit. The ​metal ​cover over the ​part of a ​car where the ​engine. When you visit a city in order to see all the notable places (museums, monuments, etc.). Big
Treasure Hunting Basics the mark all pirates fear because it attracts the kracken. winged sea creature with a pointy stinger tail. foul smelling beastie with tentacles. a pirate uses it to cover up a bad eye. she is davey jones' true love and has magical powers. Big
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