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Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Arcade Fire Related to music. To visualize; imagine. Having no flaws or loopholes; impossible to fault, refute, or evade. Elaborately, heavily, excessively. Appropriate; suitable; proper. Hard
Kid Koala producing or involving many sounds or voices. an early spinet with the strings parallel to the keyboard, typically rectangular, and popular in 16th and 17th century houses. a set of keys on a piano or similar musical instrument. relating to or using sound waves. a solid transparent plastic. Hard
Sugar Sammy Enormous, huge. a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance. To sound or proclaim loudly. To be the chosen one to a certain situation. to refer indirectly. Hard
Roger Sinha classical Indian dance form originating in the South Indian state. in music is the term originally applied to the instrumental introduction to an opera. act of assisting the creation of a choreography, verb, past tense . A group of six singers or six instrumentalists. To set off; initiate. Hard
Nikki Yanofsky Crossword made from an article on Nikki Yanosky A musical composition made up of a series of songs or short pieces. General plan of organization, arrangement, or choice of material. Some things (as an event or detail) that are of major significance or special interest. Singing usually the last note of a song with amplitude. One who assumes the financial responsibilities of an event. Hard
Death of a Salesman The town Willy returned from. Surrounds Willy's house. Willy's gift to Biff and Happy. Offered Willy a job. Biff's latest job. Teenage
Canadian Celebrities Born in Toronto, Ontario, this singer is known for the acronym YOLO.. Born in Belleville, Ontario, she is a teen-pop and pop punk singer whose name is the fourth month of the year in French. ______________ Lavigne.. Born in Mission, British Colombia, she is known for her hit song Call me Maybe. Carly Rae ___________.. Born in Windsor, Ontario, she is one of the greatest country singer of all time with songs like Don't be Stupid, Feel like Woman,etc... Shania____________.. Born in Victoria, British Colombia, this singer's newest single is called Big Hoops. ____________ Furtado.. Hard
At the Circus Little people who love the circus.. It takes the place of the horses in the ring.. You do this (or not!) with your brain.. The place where they perform the different 'numbers' at the circus.. the music they play at the circus.. Older Children
Types of Dance fast paced dance that is also a form of music. street dance with loads of attitude and colorful dancewear. circular movements of the hips and shimmys of the shoulders. It takes two to do this dance. sizzling male and female dance. graceful dance that is done to slow melodic music. Hard
Mystery something used to dig. something you use to see inthe dark. an item that helps you find your direction. a person that is harmed at a crime scene. uncertainty. Hard
Children's Games Riding bikes. Pin the tail. Hop scotch. Hide and seek. Under and over . Hard
Drama Terms Lines spoken by just one person. Deciding how the line should be delivered. The pattern of movements actors follow while on stage. A part/character/person written by a playwright. Information about what happened before the action of the play begins; the set up. Older Children
Murder Mystery Person who is murdered or attacked. Reason to kill. Where were you last night?. Someone who saw what happened. Held into custody. Older Children
Mariah Carey Facts Mariah's sons name. Mariah's age. Number of record labels Mariah has been with. The record label that gave Mariah one of the biggest record contracts ever. The city where Mariah was born. Teenage
Aboriginal Dance and the World of Dance A ballet based on Aboriginal Dance. This choreographer visited Australia and attended a Corroboree. This person was an important part of Bangarra. A huge ceremony which saw many creations inspired by Aboriginal culture. Name of the man who won the rights for Aboriginals to be recognised as the original owners of Australia. Hard
Lego tall building. oppisite of man. potty. cat and..... Hawaii is perfect for doing this. Older Children
Camping if you got a sunburn then you probaly didn't wear any af this. this hand dandy tool lighs up th dark. this wraps around you when you sleep. this little bandit will steal your food no matter were your watching. they may be smelly but they are a portable place to go number two. Older Children
Name That Pokemon!!!!! I am one of the legendary pokemon from Unova and I am a fire type and my name starts with a R. Who am I?. I am one of the Unova starters and I am a fire pig. Who am I?. I am one of the Unova starters and I am a water type. Who am I?. I am this really cute legendary pokemon. I can fly and I was in the movie with Lucario. My name starts with a M. Who am I?. I evolved from Abra and I am a psychic pokemon. My name starts with a K. Who am I?. Older Children
Academy Award Winners Who was the first actor/actress to win four Academy Awards?______ Hepburn. Who was the youngest performer ever to receive a competitive Academy Award? _____ O'Neal. Which movie is tied with Ben Hur and All About Eve with a record 14 nominations?. What was the first film in color to win Best Picture?. This film is the only X-rated film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture? ________ Cowboy. Big
Bowling When 2 pins are left with lots of space in the middle.. When you throw the ball into the gutter.. What you wear on your feet.. When you hit down all of the pins.. What you use to hit the pins.. Easy
Shopping 'I don't like this item, I am going to take it back to the store and get a ......'. 'I need to go to the ........ so I can pay for my items.'. 'I found all different types of products in the .......... ..... for example, lipstick, perfume and clothes.'. 'I need to go to the ........... so I have everything I need to make dinner tonight.'. 'Because I am a student I get 10% ........'. Older Children
Only In The Movies Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II. Jazz musican, partnered with Daneale Halliday, possible genius . The Author. A fictonal School in New York where Jake attends. Alba's crush. Hard
Adventure bold or daring feats . a person skilled in planning action or policy . acting with or showing care and thought for the future . eat hungrily or quickly . to call upon to do something specified . Older Children
Odyssey Giant What symbolic animal does Circe turn Odysseus' men into?. What personality characteristic does Odysseus use to escape from the Cyclops?. What plant prevents Odysseus from falling for Circe's magic?. When we first meet Odysseus, he is doing something that makes him appear vulnerable and more relatable than most heroes. What is he doing?. What does Odysseus tell the Cyclops his name is? (must spell correctly). Hard
Disney The princess who live with seven dwarfs . The original voice of Mickey Mouse was from_____. Walt Disney's wife ____. Walt Disney died of ____. The girl who lost her glass shoe in a ball was ____. Older Children
Academy Award Winners Who was the first actor/actress to win four Academy Awards? _______Hepburn. Which movie is tied with Ben Hur and All About Eve with a record 14 nominations?. What was the first film in color to win Best Picture?. This film is the only X-rated film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture? _______ Cowboy. This film release in 2001, starring Mike Myers, won the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.. Hard
Kid's a bech tool used to dig up sand. a piece of cloth used to dry wet objects. a strong surface current flowing outwards from shore. a small ship sometimes used for fishing. dry, sandy land by the ocean or lake. Easy
The Academy Awards Most known for his role as a mutant, but also a singer and previous winner of 'Sexiest Man Alive'. Oldest ever nominee for 'Best Actress'. A notoriously intense method actor. Number of Golden Globe nominations for 'Zero Dark Thirty'. The first person of Asian descent to win 'Best Director'. Hard
Superhero This puzzle contains definitions of Superhero words. to empty out or leave. a break or being broken. to eat. a promise or pledge. a pleasant smell. Older Children
Drama The characters in a play. (4) . What characters say to each other. (8). Key moment in the action. (6). Plays take place on a ...? (5). A key idea examined in a play. (5) . Older Children
Clogging Hens get involved in this. this creature likes heights. a cross-over step. Maybe Thanksgiving?. Boy's name. Big
Peel Region Tourism Location where boats can be docked in a pen. A popular local activity, by boat or wading in water. Important engineering feat releases estuary water to the ocean. The largest city in the Peel Region. Friendly locals who love to ride bow waves. Big
Theatre Terms-People in Theatre A person who finances a theatrical production.. Person responsible for the house or area of a theatre where the audience sits.. The author of a play.. A female who acts.. The role an actor plays and how he/she portrays it.. Hard
Fantasy Object. magic. Lord of the rings. magic. mission. Older Children
Johnny Depp One of his occupations. Depp's first movie he played in. Month that he was born on. The movie he played back in 1990. The magazine that named him the sexiest man alive twice. Big
Theatre Terms a position on the stage floor out of sight. a working prop (ex. real light). movement and business performed by an actor on stage. a run through of the plays technical components, lighting, sound. a section of ____ scenery, made of wood or muslin on a wooden frame. Very Difficult
Dance Vocabulary A distinctive and recurring gesture used to provide a theme or unifying idea. A strong movement or gesture. Attention and sensitivity to the musical elements of dance while creating or performing.. The eneergy of movement expressed in varying intensity, accent, and quality. To stretch. Hard
Theatre Key Terms Most likely in the middle of the audience. Most always up high . Most used as a projector screen . The most common stage . This stage doesn’t allow big sets. Teenage
Scooby Doo what written the the side of the car fred drives . what does scrappy do always say puppy.... shaggys best friend is called..... what does shaggy say when he seen a ghost . what colour is scooby doo's collar. Older Children
Hip Hop 101 Hip Hop's best time. Nas' First Single. He's a Thug 4 Life. ____ Tha Genius. Song where Nas spits he got '700 wives, King Solomon Size'. Hard
At The Races Bigfoot is one. Helps turn the car. Formula ____. Off-road motorcycle race. Start your ____. Big
Disney arrogant suitor to Belle. turtle who can't blow out the candles in the temple. legendary kung fu warrior who slithers. evil animal who makes a weapon that can destroy kung fu. the female Macaw Blu is supposed to mate with to save his species. Big
Ballet To jump . To melt. Ballet performed mostly at Christmas, music composed by Tchaikovsky. Pas de deux, dance of how many people . pas de chat is step of what animal?. Hard
Theatre Terminology Making sure you put the right emphasis on each syllable of a website word. The way in which an actor plans their movement on stage so as to always be seen.. The sound that is produced when air escapes through the nose rather than the throat. The swivel of any body part . The outer edge of the stage. Hard
A Raisin in the Sun violently; maliciously . bluntly refuses. overbearingly proud. long speech or talk made by one person . 'religion' of those who don't believe in God. Very Difficult
Genres of Films The film 2012 has this genre. The film Forest Gump has this genre. The film The Hangover has the genre. The film Jurassic Park has this genre. The film The Karate Kid has this genre. Older Children
The Phantom of the Opera showing no fear of dangerous or difficult things . the spirit of a dead person land. to act in a particular way. to want something to happen or to be true. not the same. Big
Dizzy Gillespie ___________ Monk, a phenomenal piano player, would join Parker and Gillespie on jam sessions.. While touring in 1940, Dizzy met our bebop saxophonist. (Last name only). His big band, one of the highest-paid black bands in New York, was where Dizzy started fusing jazz and Afro-Cuban.. Real name was John _________ Gillespie. These were how many bebop artists developed the style. They weren't organized rehearsals.. Hard
Minecraft food source in minecraft.. have fun with your friends.. customize your own game!. make your game look different.. to make yourself overpowered!. Big
Heroes and Villains Big green crecher of minecraft. _______ has the force. Delivers presants on the 25 December. Batmans enemy. darts player.was on hashtag im a celeb. Older Children
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