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Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Florida Amusement Parks Find the answer using the hints A water park located northeast of Tampa. A water park and family entertainment center located at Daytona Beach. The 2/4 theme-park built in Disney World. A water park in West Palm Beach,FL. A water park located in Silver Springs,FL. Big
Forever The Wolves of Mercy Falls symbol for love. the sound a wolf gives when in pain. the season that is hot and wont allow people to change into wolves. when you want to marry someone you feel in what with them. when youe house is not clean its called. Hard
Frederick Ashton Which dancer did Ashton see perform that made him “want to be the best dancer in the world”?. Name a second teacher Ashton studied with.. Name one teacher Ashton studied with.. What country was Ashton born in?. Hard
Game When Baldwin played Brayant the second time, Baldwin _________ by one point.. What position does Tomas Dvorski play?. What kind of plays did House like to play?. What is the assistant coaches name?. What did coach like to be called?. Very Difficult
Game Shows We Enjoy There are no spaces in the Puzzle. If the the answer is 3 words long just fill in a letter for each block You feeling lucky?. Balls with crazy bounces. Running around like chickens with heads cut off throwing things in their carts. Bargaining. It seems as though its set up backwards. Big
Garfield's Friends Loves giving presents. A vet. hates John. A stuffed animal bear. loves white mice. Older Children
Gene Autry state he was born. he worked also as a.... besides a singer he was a.... age he got his first guitar. died in this month. Big
Genres of Films The film 2012 has this genre. The film Forest Gump has this genre. The film The Hangover has the genre. The film Jurassic Park has this genre. The film The Karate Kid has this genre. Older Children
Halo - Xbox This is a crossword about Halo Human AI companion to Master Chief. Composed humans that are commanded by the Didact. The best gaming console in all ye land. Orbital . Drop . Shock . Troopers. Augmented super soldiers that are super dedaliy. Big
Harry Houdini tied around Houdini. magic word. worn on crazy people. greatest magician of all time. name of theatre Houdini maed Jenny disappear . Older Children
Heroes and Villains Big green crecher of minecraft. _______ has the force. Delivers presants on the 25 December. Batmans enemy. darts player.was on hashtag im a celeb. Older Children
Hip Hop 101 Hip Hop's best time. Nas' First Single. He's a Thug 4 Life. ____ Tha Genius. Song where Nas spits he got '700 wives, King Solomon Size'. Hard
History of Fireworks Country that created the first firework.. People who put color into fireworks.. Hired by Queen Elizabeth I to light fireworks.. Most popular type of modern firework.. Queen that loved fireworks.. Older Children
Holes Use the hints to determine which item from the story Holes is being described Rex's nickname. Couldn't read or write, but good at math. . Earned his nickname because his feel smelled like fish. . Stanley is a part of this group. . Jose's nickname. Very Difficult
Hornady used for hunting. the reuseable part of a bullet. a small rifle round. done after bullets have been shot. propellent for bullets. Hard
Horoscope Optimistic. People born from 20 January to 18 February. People in China think they bring good luck.. Clever. If you want to make 3 wishes, drop a coin there.. Big
Houdini's Performance. Cord. A Hindu ascetic or religious mendicant, especially one who performs feats of magic or endurance. The use of dishonest methods to trick people in order to achieve what you want. A strong heavy rough material used for making tents. Older Children
human rights and songs reasons for doing things. being able to move. inflict (give) nadily pain. actual or threatened use or violence to achieve political goals. maroon 5 sings this song. Teenage
Humor Vocabulary Use humor word list to match the definitions to smile while making sounds with your voice that show you think something is funny. a person whose job it to make people laugh. extremely amusing and causing a lot of laughter. the tendancy of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and amusement. amusing, causing laughter. Big
Into the wilderness... Imagine you are vacationing deep into the backcountry: use the clues to help you find the words. The Iberian _______ is the most endangered cat species in the world. . Fill this with food, water and extra clothes before putting it on your back and setting out on your hike. . The great Redwood _________ is in Northern California.. These flow from the mountains and they can flood.. K2 is the second highest one of these in the world. . Older Children
Irish Television Programmes Stories from around the country. Irish television station. Original host of the Late Late Show. Irish soap set in Dublin city. Lottery show. Hard
Ironman What type of athlete is Bo?. Important holiday. Who are the letters from Bo to?. Football coach. What sport did Bo quit?. Older Children
Italian terms in music All answers in Italian! gradually getting softer. required, indispensable. gradually getting faster. sustained. with some freedom of time. Big
Jacks An ancient children's game Where you hold the jacks (4). It is good to play with one or two others (7). This helps when you want the jacks to land on the back of your hand (7). Another name for the game of jacks (12). Another ancient empire in which children played 'five stones' (5). Hard
Johnny Depp One of his occupations. Depp's first movie he played in. Month that he was born on. The movie he played back in 1990. The magazine that named him the sexiest man alive twice. Big
Kid Koala producing or involving many sounds or voices. an early spinet with the strings parallel to the keyboard, typically rectangular, and popular in 16th and 17th century houses. a set of keys on a piano or similar musical instrument. relating to or using sound waves. a solid transparent plastic. Hard
Kid's a bech tool used to dig up sand. a piece of cloth used to dry wet objects. a strong surface current flowing outwards from shore. a small ship sometimes used for fishing. dry, sandy land by the ocean or lake. Easy
Knit In Crossword Puzzle 2012 Complete the puzzle and give your entry to staff to be in the draw to win a prize Yarn from a merino (4). The stitch you learn first (4). Stitches on one needle (3). Use one hooked needle to? (7). A pair of knitting ___________ (7). Hard
Lego tall building. oppisite of man. potty. cat and..... Hawaii is perfect for doing this. Older Children
Macbeth Macduff's birth. Escaped Macbeth's assassins. Younger brother of _________________. The main villian of the play. Lady Macbeth's death. Hard
Macbeth Macduff's birth. Escaped Macbeth's assassins. Younger brother of 3 down. The main villian of the play. Lady Macbeth's death. Hard
Mariah Carey Facts Mariah's sons name. Mariah's age. Number of record labels Mariah has been with. The record label that gave Mariah one of the biggest record contracts ever. The city where Mariah was born. Teenage
Marvel Captain America's name. an alias of spy and assassin Natasha Romanova. creator of the Fantastic Four. Spiderman's real name. portrayed in recent Marvel films by actor Robert Downey Jr.. Older Children
Marvel Characters evil natured person or being. often found in a corn field. It means no worries!!. a place where the dead arise. name of supernatural creature. Hard
Mickey Mouse fill in the black with the provided clues Minney Mouse's uncle . Mickeys arch nemesis. A pesky chipmunk that enjoys making trouble . A cranky, constantly annoyed duck. a tall horse that is one of Mickey's close friends . Young Kids
Miming and Mime Artists his first name was Charlie, this is his second name. A famous silent movie actor.. sometimes a mime artist will wear this. a style of miming where one actor pretends to be the other's reflection. actors and actresses wear this on their faces to give them colour under the stage lights. the surname of the famous mime from Paris, first name Marcel. Big
Minecraft food source in minecraft.. have fun with your friends.. customize your own game!. make your game look different.. to make yourself overpowered!. Big
Minecraft Solve this A mob made by accident . It gives you porkchop. A mob found in the end. Mob with bow. Optional boss. Hard
Misha Collins Crossword puzzle about the actor Misha Collins. He won a Guinness World Record because of this. Real last name. Baby in a trench coat. Son's name. Movie in which both he and Mark Pellegrino starred. Adult
Muhammad Ali Crossword Puzzle was his sport. his mother's first name. he started training to box at this age. this was his weight class. his brother's first name. Older Children
Murder Mystery Person who is murdered or attacked. Reason to kill. Where were you last night?. Someone who saw what happened. Held into custody. Older Children
Music Match the hints related to music and instruments i sing threw this. i add intense bass. i have wee bells and tap on the knee. when on stage in front of a crowd i like to. a hillbilly guitar. Teenage
Music Instrument family with the most instruments in it. Brass instrument with no keys or buttons. smallest instrument in the string family. String instrument with 47 strings. Composer who was born in the United States. Older Children
Music Terms gradually getting softer. gradually getting softer. graceful. at a moderate tempo. a slow tempo. Hard
Music Terms very; much; used with other terms. sung or played without accompaniment. all; whole. playfully. in the same way. Older Children
Music-Themed What musical does the song 'Memory' come from?. Note value twice as fast as a crotchet . A keyboard instrument which can play baroque music on. New building in Manchester that the Halle and Halle Youth Orchestra rehearse in. High pitched double reed woodwind instrument . Hard
Musicals The story of a boy who comes from nothing and starts on an Arabian night. . The story of the Jets and Sharks and the love that comes between them.. The story of a boy who can fly and wont grow up. The story of a big bright beautiful world and the fairy tale creatures therein. The story of a baker and his wife and the magical people they meet within the forest. . Big
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