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Entertainment Crossword Subjects


Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Justin Bieber Justin's first book. Justin's christmas CD. The girl who is considered Mrs. Bieber. Justin's first CD. The Victoria's Secret model that Justin hung out at the fashion show. Big
Kid Koala producing or involving many sounds or voices. an early spinet with the strings parallel to the keyboard, typically rectangular, and popular in 16th and 17th century houses. a set of keys on a piano or similar musical instrument. relating to or using sound waves. a solid transparent plastic. Hard
Kid's a bech tool used to dig up sand. a piece of cloth used to dry wet objects. a strong surface current flowing outwards from shore. a small ship sometimes used for fishing. dry, sandy land by the ocean or lake. Easy
Knit In Crossword Puzzle 2012 Complete the puzzle and give your entry to staff to be in the draw to win a prize Yarn from a merino (4). The stitch you learn first (4). Stitches on one needle (3). Use one hooked needle to? (7). A pair of knitting ___________ (7). Hard
Lego tall building. oppisite of man. potty. cat and..... Hawaii is perfect for doing this. Older Children
Macbeth Macduff's birth. Escaped Macbeth's assassins. Younger brother of _________________. The main villian of the play. Lady Macbeth's death. Hard
Macbeth Macduff's birth. Escaped Macbeth's assassins. Younger brother of 3 down. The main villian of the play. Lady Macbeth's death. Hard
Mariah Carey Facts Mariah's sons name. Mariah's age. Number of record labels Mariah has been with. The record label that gave Mariah one of the biggest record contracts ever. The city where Mariah was born. Teenage
Marvel Captain America's name. an alias of spy and assassin Natasha Romanova. creator of the Fantastic Four. Spiderman's real name. portrayed in recent Marvel films by actor Robert Downey Jr.. Older Children
Marvel Characters evil natured person or being. often found in a corn field. It means no worries!!. a place where the dead arise. name of supernatural creature. Hard
Minecraft food source in minecraft.. have fun with your friends.. customize your own game!. make your game look different.. to make yourself overpowered!. Big
Minecraft Solve this A mob made by accident . It gives you porkchop. A mob found in the end. Mob with bow. Optional boss. Hard
Misha Collins Crossword puzzle about the actor Misha Collins. He won a Guinness World Record because of this. Real last name. Baby in a trench coat. Son's name. Movie in which both he and Mark Pellegrino starred. Adult
Murder Mystery Person who is murdered or attacked. Reason to kill. Where were you last night?. Someone who saw what happened. Held into custody. Older Children
Music Match the hints related to music and instruments i sing threw this. i add intense bass. i have wee bells and tap on the knee. when on stage in front of a crowd i like to. a hillbilly guitar. Teenage
Music Instrument family with the most instruments in it. Brass instrument with no keys or buttons. smallest instrument in the string family. String instrument with 47 strings. Composer who was born in the United States. Older Children
Music Terms gradually getting softer. gradually getting softer. graceful. at a moderate tempo. a slow tempo. Hard
Music Terms very; much; used with other terms. sung or played without accompaniment. all; whole. playfully. in the same way. Older Children
Mystery something used to dig. something you use to see inthe dark. an item that helps you find your direction. a person that is harmed at a crime scene. uncertainty. Hard
Name That Pokemon!!!!! I am one of the legendary pokemon from Unova and I am a fire type and my name starts with a R. Who am I?. I am one of the Unova starters and I am a fire pig. Who am I?. I am one of the Unova starters and I am a water type. Who am I?. I am this really cute legendary pokemon. I can fly and I was in the movie with Lucario. My name starts with a M. Who am I?. I evolved from Abra and I am a psychic pokemon. My name starts with a K. Who am I?. Older Children
Newspaper Vocabulary To fix or bring back to original state. The __________ flowed through his body and made him run faster.. Money that is fake. To play a joke. To help one become better. Hard
Nikki Yanofsky Crossword made from an article on Nikki Yanosky A musical composition made up of a series of songs or short pieces. General plan of organization, arrangement, or choice of material. Some things (as an event or detail) that are of major significance or special interest. Singing usually the last note of a song with amplitude. One who assumes the financial responsibilities of an event. Hard
Nintendo The first hand held game.. You play video games on them. Princess peach's helper. A well known enemy of super Mario. A well known enemy of super Mario . Older Children
Nutcracker Facts about ballet by Tchaikovsky composer of the Nutcracker. child dancers who seemed to float. Where the nutcracker takes marie. financial supporter of composer. Main Female Adult dance character. Hard
Odyssey Giant What symbolic animal does Circe turn Odysseus' men into?. What personality characteristic does Odysseus use to escape from the Cyclops?. What plant prevents Odysseus from falling for Circe's magic?. When we first meet Odysseus, he is doing something that makes him appear vulnerable and more relatable than most heroes. What is he doing?. What does Odysseus tell the Cyclops his name is? (must spell correctly). Hard
Oedipus the King Who Oedipus accuses Creon of teaming up with.. The setting for the play.. What Oedipus is guilty of.. What Oedipus promises to anyone who comes forward.. What the shepherd felf for baby Oedipus.. Hard
Of Mice and Men Always complains about Candy's dog, convinces candy to kill his own dog. The Boss's son, a championship fighter.. Old Man, He lost his hand in an accident.. Lennies partner, quick witted man. Hightly skilled mule driver, believes in peace.. Teenage
Of Mice and Men Lennie always talks about tending the ______. George has to _____ Lennie at the end because of what he did. Lennie loves this on his beans. Curley's glove is full of this. The men had a _________ tournament . Big
One Day of the Year egotistical. a long speech made by one actor in a play or film. a Marxian term for workers. a recurring symbol or idea in a work of art. the inability to carry out a task to a satisfactory conclusion. Hard
Only In The Movies Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II. Jazz musican, partnered with Daneale Halliday, possible genius . The Author. A fictonal School in New York where Jake attends. Alba's crush. Hard
Opera Crossword lowest female voice part, usually old, bad or mysterious characters. Italian word for 'song'. smaller chapters within an act. dialogue that is sung rather than spoken. lowest male voice part, usually a wise man, or bad character. Adult
Outside Animals they can be deadly . they start as an animal that doesn't have wings. people aren't scared of them even though they are deadly to animals. they stink but you love to eat it. people say they have 9 lives. Older Children
Parchment Craft What is the pink mat used for. What do we cut with. What do we call poking holes. Who is our most senior member. What do we use for making lace. Big
Peel Region Tourism Location where boats can be docked in a pen. A popular local activity, by boat or wading in water. Important engineering feat releases estuary water to the ocean. The largest city in the Peel Region. Friendly locals who love to ride bow waves. Big
Peg Leg Bates test your knowlege of tap dancer Peg Leg Bates The state where Peg Leg was born. had many outfits, each to match the color of his. he was this age when he got his job at the Cotton Mill. this person whittled Peg's first peg leg. Peg turned misfortune into . Hard
Peter and the Starcatchers Becomes friends with Peter and his friends and . The ship that Peter, molly and his friends took with the starstuff on it. . What the 'Mollusks' call the island.. When the Never Land crashed onto a rock during a bad storm.. The man with the whip who makes sure no passengers get off the ship and stays by Slank's side when they crash. . Very Difficult
Photography referring to that object in a photograph at which he wants to draw the most attention.. between the nearest and the furthest objects. Illuminated from behind. between the center of a lens or curved mirror . A space through which light passes in an optical or photographic instrument. Older Children
PIANO a composer. the title. quater whole and half . can have treble or bass befor it . black and white. Older Children
Places to visit Complete the crossword using the clues. listen to a band play music. where old objects and works of art can be found. where exotic plants and trees are found. where to learn about science. where to see artwork and paintings. Older Children
Playing the Piano play briskly. usually equal to one beat. a person who writes music. 5 black lines for notes. a scale with no flats. Hard
Pop Mythology Fern Gully in CG. A cowboy's Astronaut best friend (To the Rescue). 'Are you not entertained?'. Obama's spirit animal. Black Narrator. Very Difficult
Popular TV Shows of 2012 The series shows the progress of individual sales associates, managers, and fitters at the store, along with profiling brides as they search for the perfect wedding dress.. the show mainly follows Buddy Valastro and his family as they operate their business. show was originally about a hedonistic jingle writer. The series stars Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy as the title characters.. the show stars Theresa Caputo, who claims she is a spiritual medium who can communicate with the deceased. Hard
Princesses a princess that lived withe seven dwarfs. a princess that lived with a beast. but the beast actually a gentle man who some how turned into a beast. a princess who kissed a frog.. a princess who sleeps in a bed and finds a pea at the end.. a princess that has evil step sister and an evil step mother who hates and only wants her to do work around the house.. Easy
Puzzle Mania Fill in the boxes of the crossword puzzle according to the hints that are given. having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone. calm and peaceful. brief and to the point. the state or quality of being tedious or boring. to make someone less angry or hostile. Hard
PUZZLE TIME! (Word Ladders1 p. 50-60) Opposite of wild.. You find this on your bathroom walls.. When food spoils it will do this.. Use this to clean the floor.. You hang your coat on this.. Teenage
Quilting Necessities edge treatment. long fiber. has rings for thumb and finger. finger protector. instrument used for 'frog stitch'. Hard
Ralph Waldo Emerson in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world?. what it dos when its thunders?. i am a critical?. a country has its?. it is white?. Teenage
Reading an interactive reading experience that involves students joining in or sharing the reading of a book while guided by a teacher. an account of someone's life written by someone else.. alternative spelling instruction based on learning word patterns rather than memorizing unconnected words. a specific type of music, film, or writing.. where students are involved in choosing and reading material on their own and for their own enjoyment. Big
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