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Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Great Wolf Lodge Use the hints to help you find the words in the puzzle. This enclosed area keeps YOU warm at night plus its made of fresh wood. A moving lake.. this anlimal can be mixed up and said to be a beaver. This fun attraction make you want to stay for hours as long as you have fun.. This Fantasy thing can happen by using a wand or staff. Big
The Rainforest The loss or destruction of trees.. 1,800 species of insects were found in only 2.5 acres of forest in this country. . Destroying rainforests can increase __________ _________.. Mining companies cut down trees in search of this.. This is one of the most important rainforest products.. Big
The Power of Drama things are beginning to resolve. the most important element in a drama. deals with the light and happy aspects of life. consists of all the events that advance and complicate the action. introduces the characters and conflict and provides the necessary background. Big
Elements of Drama Read each of the hints to determine the element of drama being described. problem that moves the characters to react. series of actions that build to a climax. fictional people. describes the characters and setting. the ending. Big
Elements of Drama Read each of the hints to determine the element of drama being described. problem that moves the characters to react. series fo actions that build to a climax. fictional people. describes the characters and setting. the ending. Big
Hot Air Balloon solve the crossword lowering the hot air balloon. pose a severe collision risk to aircraft. is the engine of the hot air balloon.. holds heated air and attached below the opening. is the name for the part of the balloon that holds the air.. Big
Ballet Hold a beach ball. Plié in second. Muddy puddle . Bodysuit . Hair Nest. Big
Puzzle Description find all the words to complete this puzzle A scientific tool used to measure the volume taken up by a liquid. Units: liters. A scientific tool used to measure the mass of an object. Units: grams. To build or design and experiment. To look at data to find trends, correlations, or the validity of data.. The middle # in a set of data when the date is arranged in numerical order.. Big
Hobbies Making something delicious by mixing together flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Painting, Sculpture, Design . Either by hand or machine using a paper pattern or you own design. This involves casting on and off again. The silver screen. Popcorn anyone?. Big
The Crucible Complete the crossword puzzle. accused of witchcraft and the wife of John Proctor.. the man asked Mary Warren to pretend to be attacked by the devil.. a man who said that his wife might be a witch. . a well respected town nurse and a victim to the hysteria when the Putnam's accuse her of witchcraft as she refuses to confess.. joins in with Abigail, Betty, Mercy, and Mary as the 'afflicted girls' who accuse others of witchcraft.. Hard
Element Of Dance Refers to the flow of energy in movement. Tempo in music and refers to the rate at which movements occur. . Refers to the design of the path made by body parts or the whole body while travelling through space.. The underlying pattern that gives order to music and dance.. Refer to both the directions of the body and the directions in the space.The front, back, and sides of the body lead us in motion.. Big
Arts and Crafts ... Dispenser One side is sticky and the other is not. . A felt item with a broad tip.. - box. . a small disk or knob sewn on to a garment. Sticky and can bind two items together. Young Kids
Disney Wendy's dog's name. 'The _________', secret tunnel system located underneath Magic Kingdom. 'If you can _____ it, you can do it!'. Number of Disney World themed parks. Demigod from Moana. Big
Diary of a Worm 2 the branch of police that protects the President. to be in danger or have difficulty, due for punishment. to bite and work food in the mouth using teeth. to place or press the foot on something. to stop yourself from doing something. Hard
Theatre Terms The front of a stage where performers are closest to the audience.. A stagehand who aids in keeping costumes neat and tidy, as well as helping performers during costume changes.. The back of the stage farthest from the audience.. Thespian lingo for theatre that is out of the box, avant garde and experimental.. A piece of cloth that’s used as a backdrop on-stage (often lit from behind to create the scene).. Big
Drama match the term with the correct definition sides of the stage not seen by the audience . a funny or amusing play. a scene within a story that interrupts the sequence of events to relate events that occured in the past . tell how the actors should look, move and speak. Often they are in italics. They may also include descriptions . clues to hint what might happen later in the story . Big
Maritime Where the passengers/crew sleep.. The right side of the ship when facing the bow.. The navigation center of the ship; you can often find the captain here. Detection of the BOW of the shipir.. Where meals are prepared on a ship.. Big
Pinball Who likes pinball??? a space in the side of the playfield walls: when the ball goes here it goes right to the drain. these connect electronic components inside the pinball machine. this number goes up as the player earns points. these flash for a fun game experience. ball rolls along this set of metal wires or rods above the playfield to get to a different point. Older Children
Games What real-life pro boxer was the final opponent in the 1987 NES PUNCH-OUT!! game?. 'Inhale' and 'Stone' are moves for which round, pink character in the SUPER SMASH BROS. series?. Complete the title of a 1984 game by Atari: MARBLE __. What race is Treebeard, one of the characters from the LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS video game?. In the GOD OF WAR series, which God's soul must Kratos steal to traverse the River Styx?. Hard
Media Representations A media product which is open to a variety of interpretations and responses can be be described as p_____________. A male dominated society. A single representation of an ethnic minority character amongst a white cast can be seen as...t_________________. G___________: theorist behind the theory of identity.. What the producers of a representation want the audience to think or feel: P______________ reading. Hard
Sea World A crossword based on sea world Has flat body, hard shell and has 10 legs. It has 8 arms and in danger it sprays ink on enemies. Looks like a bell and has long thin arms. Biggest animal in sea and talk by clicking and whistling. Big, friendly and intelligent. They hunt and eat fish together. Easy
Best Actress Nominees 1990s Best Actress Nominees 1990s Pretty Woman (1990). The Wings of the Dove (1997). The End of the Affair (1999). Leaving Las Vegas (1995). Titanic (1997). Very Difficult
Best Actress Nominees 1980s Best Actress Nominees 1980s Working Girl (1988). Shirley Valentine (1989). Peggy Sue Got Married (1986). Ordinary People (1980). Resurrection (1980). Very Difficult
Best Actress Nominees 1970s Best Actress Nominees 1970s Ryan's Daughter (1970). The Way We Were (1973). Sounder (1972). The Exorcist (1973); Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974); Same Time, Next Year (1978). Cinderella Liberty (1973); The Goodbye Girl (1977); Chapter Two (1979). Very Difficult
Best Actor Nominees 1970s Best Actor Nominees 1970s Equus (1977). Harry and Tonto (1974). Being There (1979). Taxi Driver (1976); The Deer Hunter (1978) (2,4). I Never Sang for My Father (1970). Very Difficult
Best Actor Nominees 2000s Best Actor Nominees 2000s Invictus (2009). Before Night Falls (2000). Cold Mountain (2003). The Last King of Scotland (2006). Training Day (2001). Big
Shakespeare This crossword is about Shakespeare, the answers are names of plays The ghost of the King of Denmark tells his son _______ to avenge his murder by killing the new king,. Antonio, an antisemitic merchant, takes a loan from the Jew Shylock to help his friend to court Portia. Three witches tell the Scottish general ______ that he will be King of Scotland.. A pair of star-crossed lovers.. ___ _____IV fights off a growing rebellion while his son drinks and robs people; his son redeems himself.. Big
Game Shows We Enjoy (Past & Present) There are no spaces in the Puzzle. If the the answer is 3 words long just fill in a letter for each block You feeling lucky?. Balls with crazy bounces. Running around like chickens with heads cut off throwing things in their carts. Bargaining. Husbands & Wives still in the honeymoon stage. Big
Reading Genres a story that uses fictional characters, but could happen. a suspenseful story about a puzzling event that is not solved until the end of the story. verse written to create a response of thought and feeling from the reader; it often uses rhythm and rhyme. a fictional story that takes place in a specific time period; often the setting is real, but the characters are made up. a story that is not possible and may include talking animals or magical powers. Big
Music-Themed What musical does the song 'Memory' come from?. Note value twice as fast as a crotchet . A keyboard instrument which can play baroque music on. New building in Manchester that the Halle and Halle Youth Orchestra rehearse in. High pitched double reed woodwind instrument . Hard
Game Shows We Enjoy There are no spaces in the Puzzle. If the the answer is 3 words long just fill in a letter for each block You feeling lucky?. Balls with crazy bounces. Running around like chickens with heads cut off throwing things in their carts. Bargaining. It seems as though its set up backwards. Big
Frederick Ashton Which dancer did Ashton see perform that made him “want to be the best dancer in the world”?. Name a second teacher Ashton studied with.. Name one teacher Ashton studied with.. What country was Ashton born in?. Hard
Stargazing Many people enjoy __________.. It is difficult to see stars when it's _______ or foggy.. Only the __________ stars are visible over even small cities.. That's because ______ in the air blocks light from the sky.. Even the ____ can make it hard to see stars.. Big
2020 Kentucky Derby Call to. Drop from the race.. Number of inches in a hand.. Distilled from at least 51% corn.. Young female horse.. Big
Who's the Actor He's not a doctor but he offers a choice between a blue & red pill. Porsha, get my damn shoe. Say hello to my stinky little friend. I will do what queens do; I will rule. He wore a toupee in every James Bond movie. Big
Climate Zones and Climate Change This term is used to explain the different species of animals and plants that can be found in the rainforest. . This is an example of air pollution caused by warm temperatures will make people have difficulties in breathing especially those with asthma. . This is the largest ocean in the world. . This monsoon wind blows from June to September. . Prolong periods of dry and hot weather will cause this phenomenon to take place. It damages crops.. Big
Embroidery Stitches Precious stone, the hardest naturally occurring substance.. A vertical strip of unravelled fabric in tights or stockings. A bundle of grain stalks laid lengthways and tied together after reaping.. Persons whose job it is to work as a members of the crew of a commercial or naval ship or boat,. a mechanism for keeping a door, window, lid, or container fastened. Hard
The International Space Station Gravity - the force that causes things to fall towards the Earth. Orbit - the curved path that a moon or satellite follows as it goes around a planet. Compartment - a space or area that is often used to hold a specific thing. Laboratory - a room with special equipment for doing scientific experiments. Nation - a country. Hard
Ride of Your Life Solve the crossword... This ride makes you wet.. You sit in them and fly.. A big cup.. Hold on to the bar. This ride is fast and can go upside-down.. Its a scary place.. Older Children
Can You Name These Magical Creatures? I am sparkly! I am white and have a horn.. I am magical! I mix potions and cast spells.. I am scary! I have pointy teeth and can turn into a bat.. I am elegant! I live in the ocean and have a tail like a fish.. I am tiny! I have sparkly wings and I protect the forest.. Big
Musicals The story of a boy who comes from nothing and starts on an Arabian night. . The story of the Jets and Sharks and the love that comes between them.. The story of a boy who can fly and wont grow up. The story of a big bright beautiful world and the fairy tale creatures therein. The story of a baker and his wife and the magical people they meet within the forest. . Big
Miming and Mime Artists his first name was Charlie, this is his second name. A famous silent movie actor.. sometimes a mime artist will wear this. a style of miming where one actor pretends to be the other's reflection. actors and actresses wear this on their faces to give them colour under the stage lights. the surname of the famous mime from Paris, first name Marcel. Big
Disney Lion King. Tiana's other form . Lost her shoe . Flynn Ryder's real name. person who does not love disney . Big
Disney Characters Solve. a fish in Little mermaid who is Ariel's best friend. he just couldn't wait to be king. his nose grows longer every time he lies. has an accent you can never understand. a princess who has ice powers. Big
World of Sega Ahead of its time. Before title screen. Genesis does what ___. Planet. Streets od rage or sonic rush. Older Children
Dance a few dance keywords Use of the face to show mood, feeling or character.. Use of the eyes to improve the performance. Dances that are designed for non-theatre spaces.. The ability to make unique parts of the motif evident in performance.. aware of the surrounding space and use it effectively. Big
Plays What did men mainly wear if they were playing women. How many actors would perform in pantomime. This was performed as a comedy. Mime consisted of song&dance, jokes and conjuring and . A stock character usually of very low class. Big
Theatre What would male characters wear. How many people would perform pantamime . What character did they always have . What is mime similar to nowadays. What prop did a old man typical have . Big
Zoos What you get at school; what zoos often provide for their visitors. Name for intelligent mammals such as monkeys, apes, lemurs, many of whom live in rainforests. The study of insects, essential to our understanding of their importance in the ecostystem. Now famous TV programme presented by Sir David Attenborough that re-awakened interest in nature and the environment. Meaning the desire to keep or protect something for the future. Big
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