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Entertainment Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Wood Buffalo National Park The ___ covers 10% of the province.. Wood buffalo is located in ____. The Wood Buffalo region has the ___ largest reserves of oil in the world. This park contain one of the biggest fresh water ____. Wood buffalo is very popular for there___. Hard
Superhero has a trident. batman's sidekick. he has a golden spike ball. can turn into any animal. half human half robot. Older Children
How to Raise a Raisin Fill in the words that match each definition! a dried grape. a substance used to keep foods from spoiling. made by humans, not by nature. anything that can be used to show something is true or real. a woody vine on which grapes grow. Easy
Tourism covered in a particular thing. the inside surface of your hand. willing to allow somebody to do or have. to eat something eagerly. a short stop . Big
Puzzle Mania Fill in the boxes of the crossword puzzle according to the hints that are given. having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone. calm and peaceful. brief and to the point. the state or quality of being tedious or boring. to make someone less angry or hostile. Hard
Ironman What type of athlete is Bo?. Important holiday. Who are the letters from Bo to?. Football coach. What sport did Bo quit?. Older Children
Theme Parks and Water Parks A water park hover a theme park with DC superheroes and Looney Tunes. A theme park in Mason, Ohio. A theme park in Pennsylvania: with a park of a famous chocolate bar . Water park in Fresno and San Dimas, California . Water park in Bristol, Connecticut . Big
Minecraft Solve this A mob made by accident . It gives you porkchop. A mob found in the end. Mob with bow. Optional boss. Hard
At the Park when you sit and have sandwiches, and biscuits and drinks on a blanket. these animals are walked in the park. this sport is played in a court and has a racket and a ball. you might find these swimming in a pond. a sport where the players kick a ball into a goal. Easy
Earth Science Astronomy Mason Smith 4A Incandescent gas that extends above the photosphere.. Nuclei combine together to form a new nuclei.. Colored light produced by charged particles from the solar wind.. This makes things visible.. The center of an planet.. Big
Sergio Leone Soundtrack composer. Stand-off. Born here. You Sucker. close up. Adult
Humor Vocabulary Use humor word list to match the definitions to smile while making sounds with your voice that show you think something is funny. a person whose job it to make people laugh. extremely amusing and causing a lot of laughter. the tendancy of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and amusement. amusing, causing laughter. Big
Smoky Mountain Train Excursion Highest point along Appalachian Trail. Location of Bombing by Eric Rudolph. Hazard of Hiking. Mode of transportation. Lunch Stop. Big
Volcanoes Complete the puzzle Lava with smooth, ropelike surfaces. A plateau formed from basaltic lava pouring from a crack or fissure in Earth's surface. Magma that reaches Earth's surface. Resistance to flow. Areas of volcanic activity taht result from plumes of hot solid material that have risen from deep within Earth's mantls. Hard
Blue Lagoon Cruises Movie that was filmed on Mamanuca Islands. Name of Blue Lagoon's private island beach. Name of the exclusive transfer vessel that connects passengers. Name of the vessel operated by Blue Lagoon. Which area of Fiji has the more stable climate. Adult
Travelling Travel, transport, vacation A ​person whose ​job is to ​carry things, ​especially ​travellers' ​bags at ​railway ​stations, ​airports, ​hotels. Way of travelling connected with sacred spots. Where the pilots sit. The ​metal ​cover over the ​part of a ​car where the ​engine. When you visit a city in order to see all the notable places (museums, monuments, etc.). Big
Woodworking hardwood used commonly for baseball bats. used to make bowls and spindles. hand tool that preceded the jointer. machine used to straighten faces and edges of stock. machine used to make stock a uniform thickness. Hard
Fairytales All about fairy tales/characters People who help clean and tidy the gardens. Helps serve food in the castle kitchen. A servant who cleans the castle. A daughter of a King. A royal lady. Big
Theatre Arts Writen material to be performed(contains monologues,dialogues,and etc.). Lines of text for one character.. Actor's part in a play,movie,etc.. Lines of text written for two or more actors to say to each other.. The purpose of story,novel,or almost any type of performance.. Hard
Conquering Niagara Falls move about vigorously. a reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things. rapidly rotating mass of water in a river or sea. to congregate in a mass or large group. a crazy or silly person. Adult
Travel Money in USA. City for picture 6. Rich area in Tokyo. Country for picture 7. Beautiful old city in Japan. Big
Disney Figure out these famous Disney things likes warm hugs. Wears blue and blue. Let It Go. lives with 7 little men. Fastest racecar. Moderately Challenging
Garfield's Friends Loves giving presents. A vet. hates John. A stuffed animal bear. loves white mice. Older Children
The Dynamic Earth Match the definitions with the correct vocabulary word. The solid part of the Earth that consists of all rock, as well as the soils and loose rocks on Earth's surface.. The process where larger droplets fall from clouds as rain, snow, sleet, or hail.. Earth's innermost layer.. Earth is surrounded by a mixture of gases known as the __________.. The removal and transport of surface material.. Hard
Theatre Terms Sounds and backround noises to tell whats going on . Backround. Person who researches the play. Where actors perform . Person who designs the sets . Big
Types of Media type of media that include Facebook & Twitter. societal use media that is used to keep an audience engaged or captivated. Public Service Announcement. Software company that supplies Photoshop and Illustrator. societal use of media which includes persuading the audience to . Big
Theatre Productions Tech Theatre Producers guide every aspect of the production; they are involved in both business decisions and creative decisions.. Person that plans the dances.. Decides how the stage should look and communicates this to the rest of the crew. Deal with scenery that is suspended from the grid and batens overhead in the theater.. Runs the computerized board that controls the lights. Big
Charlotte Museum of History Crossword Puzzle A person who loves, supports, and defends their country.. A plant used to make thread and cloth called linen.. A road that began in Philadelphia, passed through Charlotte, and then continued on into Georgia. Many people traveled down this road during the 1700s looking for a new place to live.. A group of people who settle in a faraway land but are still ruled by the country they came from.. A person who was owned by another person and usually used for hard labor. Slaves were not paid for the work they did.. Hard
20 Famous Suiperheros Find your favorite superhero One of the most powerful telpaths in the universe. Normal human playing with magic. Know as the man of steel. Essential part of Marvel's cinematic universe. He is a reformed thief and an electronics expert. Big
Peg Leg Bates test your knowlege of tap dancer Peg Leg Bates The state where Peg Leg was born. had many outfits, each to match the color of his. he was this age when he got his job at the Cotton Mill. this person whittled Peg's first peg leg. Peg turned misfortune into . Hard
Seashores and Estuaries Seashore biomes do not have a specific ________. . _____ are a characteristic of a seashore with harder grounds. . An Estuary is a highly productive ________, just as a seashore. . A seashore with temperate waters and hard rock grounds are highly ___________.. Estuaries can have the characteristics of marine and ___________ biomes. . Big
Universal Who was your favourite Harry Potter character?. What film character has a rock & roll show at Universal?. What do you plan to buy at Harry Potter that is interactive?. Harry _____?. Islands of _________?. Older Children
Disney What song is at the end of Splash Mountain?. Whose castle is at Magic Kingdom?. Hans and Anna finish each other's what?. Which word links our hotel and Pirates?. At which park is the Tower of Terror?. Older Children
Treasure Hunting Basics the mark all pirates fear because it attracts the kracken. winged sea creature with a pointy stinger tail. foul smelling beastie with tentacles. a pirate uses it to cover up a bad eye. she is davey jones' true love and has magical powers. Big
Reading an interactive reading experience that involves students joining in or sharing the reading of a book while guided by a teacher. an account of someone's life written by someone else.. alternative spelling instruction based on learning word patterns rather than memorizing unconnected words. a specific type of music, film, or writing.. where students are involved in choosing and reading material on their own and for their own enjoyment. Big
Halo - Xbox This is a crossword about Halo Human AI companion to Master Chief. Composed humans that are commanded by the Didact. The best gaming console in all ye land. Orbital . Drop . Shock . Troopers. Augmented super soldiers that are super dedaliy. Big
Quilting Necessities edge treatment. long fiber. has rings for thumb and finger. finger protector. instrument used for 'frog stitch'. Hard
Parchment Craft What is the pink mat used for. What do we cut with. What do we call poking holes. Who is our most senior member. What do we use for making lace. Big
Disney Friends Who was the Snow Queen?. She had seven dwarfs to help her.. Who saved her sister and her kingdom?. She had a mean stepmother.. Who fell in love with the Beast?. Young Kids
Princesses a princess that lived withe seven dwarfs. a princess that lived with a beast. but the beast actually a gentle man who some how turned into a beast. a princess who kissed a frog.. a princess who sleeps in a bed and finds a pea at the end.. a princess that has evil step sister and an evil step mother who hates and only wants her to do work around the house.. Easy
The Iron Man Code Breaker The extreme edge of land before a steep slope or a body or water. . Big, Huge. To light-up fiercely or brightly. Scary . The human body excluding the head and limbs. Older Children
Wolverine An agreement to stop fighting and live in peace. What was Smitty's job?. What came out of James's hands when he was scared?. ____________X is the leader of the X-Men. A Super Hero's set of clothes. Older Children
1980's Arcade Games Two commandos, Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean of 'this' unit (an elite group of soldiers specializing in guerrilla warfare), are sent to the island to destroy the enemy forces and uncover the true nature of the alien entity controlling them. Points are scored by a player manipulating one or more steel balls on a play field inside a glass-covered cabinet. The player assumes the role of a green-haired boxer, known by three initials the player chooses when the game begins. The player controls a starfighter that can move left and right along the bottom of the playfield. Game for two competing players trying to score points in the opposing player's goal using a table having a special low-friction playing surface. Big
One Day of the Year egotistical. a long speech made by one actor in a play or film. a Marxian term for workers. a recurring symbol or idea in a work of art. the inability to carry out a task to a satisfactory conclusion. Hard
Florida Amusement Parks Find the answer using the hints A water park located northeast of Tampa. A water park and family entertainment center located at Daytona Beach. The 2/4 theme-park built in Disney World. A water park in West Palm Beach,FL. A water park located in Silver Springs,FL. Big
Places to visit Complete the crossword using the clues. listen to a band play music. where old objects and works of art can be found. where exotic plants and trees are found. where to learn about science. where to see artwork and paintings. Older Children
Sewing used for storing pins. long, thin strand of fibers. controls how fast or slow the machine sews. for removing stitches. holds the spool of thread. Hard
Marvel Captain America's name. an alias of spy and assassin Natasha Romanova. creator of the Fantastic Four. Spiderman's real name. portrayed in recent Marvel films by actor Robert Downey Jr.. Older Children
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